The Top 5 Firefox Security Addons

the top 5 Firefox security addons

Mozilla Firefox is, in my opinion, the best of the currently available web browsers.

When it comes to speed, privacy and security, Mozilla Firefox has the best to offer.

The best thing about this web browser is that it allows you to install additional add-ons according to your own requirements.

You can easily find a number of add-ons which would enhance the performance of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Privacy and security has always been an issue, when it comes to surfing the internet.

Mozilla Firefox has successfully helped us in this particular area but there are times but there may still be times when you are not completely satisfied with it’s performance.

The best way to enhance the performance of Mozilla Firefox is to use add-ons.

There are number of add-ons which can prove to be useful in tackling the problems related to privacy and security, below are my favourite 5 –


When we use internet, we might come across some non deletable long-term cookies, which hamper the performance of your computer to a great extent.

Such cookies can be used to track you on the internet, which could be very dangerous.

Better Privacy allows you to know about such cookies, so that you can block them and protect your personal information from being traced.

LSO (Local Shared Objects) attack your computer in the form of Flash plugins.

These types of cookies are hard to trace and delete, but Better Privacy allows you to block them before they ever get onto your computer.

Before your system becomes the shed for all such LSOs, you should install this add-on to your browser which ensures that your information will not be traced on to internet now.

Download Link:


Every time you switch on your web browser to browse web sites, a number of cookies are saved into your system.

There is a misconception that just by clearing the history we will be deleting all our previous data, but it is miserably wrong.

We have to go into many folders and delete all the cookies stored, which is highly irritating.

Clear Private Data is the add-on which clears all the private data from your computer on order to increase the safety level.

Private data is a very sensitive thing, and one must make sure that we do not expose it.

Clear Private Data works exceptionally well and gives you a little bit space to be careless as it can comprehensively protect your private date automatically, and this is the best part of this add-on.

Download Link:


Secure Login is a plugin which enables you to manage all your passwords.

It can be rather irritating to have to enter the user ID and password every time you want to log on to your e-mail accounts on your personal computer.

You can use this add-on to save your user ID and passwords, so that you can simply log on to your accounts by using simple shortcuts.

This feature is somewhat similar to that of Opera’s Wand login.

It provides an easy way to save passwords and also enables you safely maintain multiple account details.

You can also enable your login details to be protected from external JavaScript code.

It also allows you to customise your keyboard shortcuts, in order to operate the add-on within your comfort zone.

It also protects your data from phishing.

Secure login is a wonderful add-on that would surely make your form filling work easier and much, much simpler.

Download Link:


WOT – Web of Trust – is one of the best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox.

It warns you about all the websites that might be a threat to your computer.

It helps you to avoid all the dangerous sites that would hamper the performance of your computer.

WOT provides a front layer protection to you system.

WOT keeps you safe from deadly browser exploits and unreliable online shops.

WOT works as per the safety ratings given to over 21 million web sites and its algorithm enables the add-on to keep updated with all the latest ratings.

You can customize the WOT add-on with respect to your requirements.

WOT is an exceptional tool to provide a safer browsing experience to your family.

Surf safer and add WOT to your Firefox now.

Download Link:


VTL is basically an indicator, which indicates the threat level of a website.

This add-on simply adds an indicator to the status bar of the browser.

And whenever you open a site, it shows the content level of the dangerous programs like malware and viruses.

So, whenever you can see the indicator showing the RED light, you can simply close that particular web site and protect your system from being attacked by unwanted programs.

It is a wonderful little tool, which makes your browsing activities absolutely safe.

VTL uses statistics from McAfee, Symantec and ESET products to come up with an appropriate threat level of any web sites.

This makes it a reliable tool.

So, before your computer actually gets attacked by any viral content, this indicator enables you to prevent it because “Prevention is always better than Cure.”

Download Link:

These were some of the best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox which would surely minimise your security and privacy constraints on internet.

Add these add-ons and make your internet browsing safer.

Also, please let me know if you are aware of any other good security addons for Firefox.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. If you’re examining security addons for Firefox, then I cannot recommend NoScript ( highly enough.

    Despite the name, it’s not just a way of disabling JavaScript. It allows you to specify blacklists and whitelists for JavaScript and other active content (Java, Flash, Silverlight, etc), with a simple but powerful user interface. Plus it adds a stack of behind-the-scenes protections against web nasties like cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and certain types of cross-site request forgery.

    For the power user, NoScript even has a module that acts like an application firewall, letting you write detailed rules for which types of traffic you want to allow for each site, or for all sites.

    It’s really the Swiss Army Knife of browser security.

    • I agree, noscript is a great addon, and one that I had actually written about before so it wasn’t forgotten.

  2. Not yet Michelle but I will do soon….

  3. Thanks for the tips. These days consumers have to take whatever precautions they can online. Do you have any tips for IE?


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