The Top 10 Free Antivirus 2010 – DriveSentry Antivirus

The latest free antivirus program I am looking at is DriveSentry.

You may not have heard of this one before – I only came across it recently myself as it was already installed on a laptop that I acquired.

Like all the other free antivirus programs I’ve looked at recently it has its pros and cons so read on to find out what I thought of it…


You can get your hands on your own free copy of DriveSentry by visiting the vendor’s site – – where you can download the required files (the installer is 50.8MB in size).

After you have installed the files the program will then go through what it calls ‘synchronization’ which basically means it downloads the latest virus definitions.

DriveSentry synchronization


Strangely, in my case, I had to go through the synchronization process twice – the program simply started it again after the first go for reasons unknown.


After the second attempt all was good though and so I got to look at the interface which certainly looks professional.

DriveSentry interface


DriveSentry offer quite a range of options, including real time scanning, manual and scheduled scanning and various logs.


Another feature that quickly became apparent is the fact that the program automatically checks any external storage devices that are connected to your machine.

I connected a USB stick to transfer these screen shots and was met with the following pop up box –

External drive protection


Fairly basic stuff, I know, but reassuring all the same, especially as many types of malware are transmitted via external drives these days.


Moving on, I ran a full scan with DriveSentry and was pleased to see that it only used about 16MB or RAM.

Furthermore, CPU usage was very low, coming in at about 16% on one core whilst the other core was barely used at all.

This allowed me to perform other tasks during the scan with no slowdown whatsoever.

Curiously, however, there were a couple of times when it reported that the scan was being halted as the program couldn’t contact the Advisor which is curious as my internet connection certainly didn’t drop :S

DriveSentry performance

I don’t know much about DriveSentry to be honest so I can’t comment on how effective it is as an antivirus program – hopefully some of you reading this can comment on that.

Its certainly lean and looks professional and for that reason I’ll be keeping it on my laptop for a little while longer to see how good it is at protecting my system.

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