The Top 10 Free Antivirus 2010 – BitDefender 10 Free Edition

If you surf on over to the BitDefender site you can download one of two free antivirus programs – BitDefender 10 Free Edition or the full version of BitDefender Antivirus 2010.

The latter is free too but you have to complete a TrialPay offer to get it.

I’m not one to jump through hoops as I have little time on my hands so this review will be about the former of the two products.

BitDefender 10 Free Edition

On clicking the download button I was taken to a page that asked for my email address so that the download link could be sent to me which was a bit of a pain as I haven’t set any email accounts up on the machine I use for these reviews.

Oh well, thankfully I have Gmail for times like these and 155kB later I was ready to install my new free BitDefender antivirus product.

Interestingly, during setup, BitDefender recommended removing any other security products that may be on my system – sound advice – and the first time I’ve seen an antivirus program suggest it.

BitDefender free antivirus offers good security advice

Moving on, the first screen you will see after you’ve run setup will be one that gives you the option to upgrade.

Having run through a few free antivirus programs now I guess I’m getting used to the vendors looking for the up-sell and it has to be expected really as, like all businesses, they need to make some dollars somewhere.

BitDefender offers upgrade early on

Why Do I Need To Create An Account???

Next up you have to create an account on, and then verify your email address, which seems like an unnecessary task to me as none of the other free antivirus programs I’ve tried thus far have needed to know my email address in order to serve me with updates to the program.

You can opt out of receiving updates from BitDefender though and so I did just that.

why does BitDefender do this?

Interestingly, after all that, I then ran the program and was able to update it anyway, before verifying my email address.


Whats more, after my BitDefender account was confirmed it said I could use the product free for 399 days whilst the antivirus program itself said 365 days.


I am.

Anyway, running a scan showed that BitDefender 10 Free Edition which, incidentally, is called BitDefender 2009 on my installation(??) uses about 11 megs of memory which isn’t too bad.

CPU usage, which I have found to be both important and extremely variable between other antivirus programs, was all over the place, ranging from 10% on both cores up to about 80% on both.

BitDefender CPU usage

Despite those sometimes high figures the scan did not have a noticeably negative impact on me running other programs at the same time so thats a plus.

Overall I found BitDefender 10 Free Edition to be… confusing I guess.

I couldn’t see why I needed to create an account on in order to receive updates and the program seems a little unsure as to it’s own identity.

Furthermore, there is some confusion as to how long it can be used for as well.

BitDefender 10 Free Edition identity crisis?

It runs ok, though the available options for scanning are very scarce.

If I was looking for a free antivirus program I doubt I would choose this one.

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