The Top 10 Cool Google Tricks

In my experience most large corporations can be quite faceless. Or humorless at the very least. The search engine giant Google does have a playful side at times though.

Are you feeling lucky?

Well. Are you?

the top 10 Google tricks

Because if you are, head on over to Google and type in the following phrases before clicking on the ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ button:

  1. Google hacker – this just had to be number one!
  2. lol Limewire – hilarious video
  3. xx-Klingon – reminds me of a spoof security product from Sophos
  4. Google gravity – even a search engine has to obey Newton’s Law
  5. Google circa – be thankful things have evolved!
  6. Annoying Google – yep, annoying it is.
  7. Epic Google – everything just keeps on growing!
  8. Find Chuck Norris – Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.
  9. Google Pac-Man – for those of us old enough to remember
  10. Google Gothic – your very own ‘Goth Engine’
Have you found any funny Google searches?
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