The Toilet Roll Thief

One of my readers, and a regular top commentator – Jon – gave me a great idea during the week.

For at least the next few weeks, on Sundays, I will be posting 3 stories in the email hoaxes/urban legends category.

Two of these stories will be true. One will be no more than a hoax.

Can you guess which is which?


Here is the first – The Toilet Roll Thief

Allen Buechel, an executive at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, this week reported that a persistent thief is coming in and stealing around 6 toilet rolls per week.

The suspect usually comes in once or twice each week and takes the toilet roll from dispensers.

Both full and part rolls are stolen from the men’s public toilets at the Fond du Lac City Government Centre. The thefts began back in June.

Buechel suspects that the thief is either using the toilet paper for their own use or is, perhaps, planning some kind of elaborate prank with them.

Buechel is also optimistic that the thief will be caught, possibly in the act.

Whilst the toilet paper is hardly expensive, courthouse officials are still determined to catch the thief and are looking out for any suspicious activity.


What do you think?

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  1. oh silly me I just saw all the mails you had sent, thank you

  2. I posted it in “contact me”

  3. working! sorry I was not able to add comments earlier now it works

  4. not working!

  5. Scam, you are right, beginning of the week tends to be busy (this whole week is looking crazy actually)

    Aruna, Congrats! But, I think that using Google eliminates the “guess” part of it. That may not be a bad thing though, as the whole point of this site seems to be based on doing your homework before you believe just anything! So good job on that.

    Scam, I have been having a hard time keeping up with everyone’s comments because I have to switch back and forth between three posts. Perhaps next weekend, you could post all three stories on one post? Again, thanks for using my idea!


    • Agreed, 3 posts in 1 might be a better idea next week.

      Glad to see you using MyBlogLog – how are you finding it so far?

      • MyBlogLog seems cool. I really liked the information that it was providing, although I have been way too busy to really explore. Also, my trial membership to the Pro version expired before I even got a chance to poke around thoroughly. However, I will get back to you when I have a better idea of how amazing it is!

    • Thanks Jon. I will try not to google if there is another quiz, though I will be totally lost

      • Don’t worry! I am going to have to send Scam the ideas for this week because if I don’t know before-hand, there is no way I am going to be able to guess!! I am horrible at these things!

        Perhaps I will avoid the “illegal google search” by using Yahoo!


        • I have one of your suggestions still to use don’t I Jon, so you will have a 50:50 chance of getting it right.

          Of course I may just be sneaky and use real names in the fake post or I may make them all real just to confuse you lot 😀

  6. Scam did u notice? I got all correct! but I am wondering why Jon hasn’t commented…

    • Jon was busy for the first few days of last week so I’m guessing it may the same this week, though he has emailed me.

      Well done for getting them all right!!!

  7. Dionne Collins says:

    I find it hard to work out because all the names were found through searching but I thought the kidney was the hoax.

  8. To those of you still wondering.. this story is TRUE!

    The stolen kidney was the hoax.

  9. Dionne Collins says:

    I searched like aruna and found all the names exist so I’m confused now. Very clever mr webmaster!

    I said the others are true so this must be the hoax I guess.

  10. The rules only say Jon is not allowed to guess…nothing about googling!

    • I knew people would Google it – that’s why all 3 use names that have been in the news in the last week 😉

  11. Jon’s idea is good and it is sure going to make the site more interesting! Only, I am afraid Scam and Jon are going to have fun at others’ expense! just kidding
    As for this post, I feel this is probably not a hoax as it does not spread mass fear and also a google search shows news and Allen Buechelan executive at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin exist…so not a hoax???

  12. Barbara-Ann says:

    This sounds quite mild and therefore believable. For that reason it must be the HOAX.

  13. I said the other two are true so this must be the hoax. Now I have a problem because this is more believable than the other 2. i have to say hoax now but I think it may be the twins one or the kidney.

    This is good Scam – they all sound like they may or may not be true.

  14. I can’t see why anyone would steal toilet roll.

  15. This one sounds quite believable too so I will say this is true too.

  16. awwww!!!!

  17. I have an idea… but I think it may be unfair for me to guess!!! Thanks for posting my idea Scam!



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