The Threat Of Flash Is Still Out There

Over the years you have heard about the flash runtimes and how it can be harmful to you and your computer. While it is true that there are problems with the flash runtime sometime, the truth of the matter is that Flash is not as bad as some people want you to think. There have been threats over the years delivered by the flash runtime but it is just as bad as some other plugins that are on your system. And to the people who think HTML5 will have all of the answers, they should not be surprised when they find out that it will also have problems as well.


But while Flash is not as bad as some people think it is, there are problems that you have to protect yourself from. And do not think that Flash is somehow gone from the web because you do not see it on your iPad anymore. That is actually far from the truth. There are still a lot of websites using Flash on the web. And that is going to be truth for a long time to come. There is a good chance that you will not see the end of Flash just because it does not run on your phone and on your tablet. Flash is still heavily used when it comes online games and advertising. And no one is going to want to change their successful platform until they have to. As long as it is still making them money there will not be any changes right away.

And the attacks that do come with Flash will still be there as well. The biggest problem with the flash runtime is that it is so powerful. And with all of that power you have people who are not really programmers as their first trade using it. Most of the people who use Flash are designers and animation artist who want to be able to create slick interfaces for the web. So that means that they are not thinking about security like they should.

The attacks that we have seen in the past are similar to what we have seen with JavaScript. We have seen the invisible attack when you place the Flash runtime on the page where the user cannot see it. It is in front of an image and when they click on the image they are actually clicking on the attacker’s ad and not the image that they think they are. We have also seen Flash deliver malware executables to the end users computers. The flash is loaded on a computer through some website and then it calls the host server. Once it calls the host server there is then a download that happens behind the scenes and the executable is placed on your computer. All of the sudden you will notice that you are being asked to restart your computer and that is when all heck breaks loose. The attackers are now able to take control of your system and do whatever they want with it.

As you can see, while Flash is not the big bully that you may have heard about, it can still be a threat. And you have to treat it as such. There are still a lot of good uses when it comes to Flash but you have to be prepared for the negatives as well. And that means you really have to worry about the Flash runtime on your computer when you are site that you do not really know. That is why you might want to look at some of the plugins for your browser that stop Flash from automatically downloading.

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