The Threat of Cross-Platform Malware #Infographic

Just a few years ago I remember reading many articles and comment sections on a number of blogs and websites where opinions about operating systems and malware were interesting to say the least.

Back in the day, many seemed to think that Windows was the only operating system that had a problem with viruses and other nasties. Contrarily, the consensus of opinion was that Apple devices were immune to malware.

And, in many respects, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

Fast forward to today though and things are much different.

Malware authors have learned that writing viruses, Trojans, etc for multiple platforms gives them a much better stage, a larger potential feeding ground. And so we have seen the rise of cross-platform malware, designed to target not only Windows but, also, the likes of  iOS and Linux.

Not only can such malware infect each of these platforms, it can also propagate between quite different operating systems.

A new infographic from MobiStealth looks at what is, arguably, the most ‘popular’ piece of cross-platform malware – Koobface.

As you’ll see, this potent piece of malware earned over $2m in 2009/10 and led to over 60,000 IPs being blocked in 134 countries around the world:

Cross-Platform Malware: A Growing Threat
By: Computer monitoring Software MobiStealth

What experiences have you had with cross-platform malware and how have you dealt with it?

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