The Texas Tornado Hoax

The following post originally appeared here about a year ago but I’ve bumped it back up because there is currently an email going around that makes reference to the picture…

Judging by the following picture (now removed), working in a power plant in the Texas area is risky business indeed –

The Texas Tornado Hoax

Is this is a genuine tornado or a hoax?

There is actually an element of truth to this photo – the tornado is quite genuine.

As often happens though, someone with too much time on their hands and a copy of Photoshop has had a little fun with it.

The power plant (which is really an oil rig) has quite clearly been added, as you can easily tell from the way the clouds cut out around the spire at the top.

Verdict : HOAX.

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  1. jumbalaya says:

    it’s an oil rig, not a power plant

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