The Teddy Bear Email Hoax

the teddy bear email hoax

The teddy bear email hoax has been around for many years but continues to pop up in emails and on news groups from time to time.

The purpose of the teddy bear hoax is to get the reader to delete a windows system file called jdbgmgr.exe.

This in itself isn’t too much of a problem for the average user as it is a file that only a Java programmer is likely to use.

However, the number of people who have deleted jdbmgr.exe is quite large and just goes to show the potential effect of hoaxing unwitting victims into deleting important system files.

the teddy bear email hoax

the teddy bear email hoax

The reason why this email hoax works is because the jdbmgr.exe file really does have a teddy bear icon attached to it.

Considering the rest of the windows icons, this one looks strangely out of place, a fact that the hoaxer has taken advantage of.

Here is the email –

SORRY – but as you’re on my address list this virus has probably forwarded itself on to you.

It is easily removed if you don’t open the file (jdbgmgr.exe)

It has a teddy bear icon and is not detectable by norton or mcafee.

First go to Start then the find or search option.

In the files or folders option type jdbgmgr.exe. Search C drive and tick the ‘include subfolders’ and any other drives you may have.

Click ‘find now’ – the virus has a grey teddy icon.


Go to edit (on the menu bar) and ‘select all’.

Now go to file (on the menu bar) and DELETE.

This will send it to the recycle bin so then go and delete or empty it there as well.

If you find the virus (as I did!) you must contact everyone in your address book and send them these instructions. ASAP.

As ever, please do not waste peoples’ time by sending such hoaxes to everyone in your inbox!

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  1. You have to admit the teddy bear icon is rather cute though.

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