The Spread Of Misinformation On The Web Can Be Just As Dangerous As Any Malware

When you hear people talk about the dangers of the web, you mostly hear them talk about malware and viruses. Or they will talk about black hat hackers trying to take over your computer. While those are all dangerous threats, they are not the only thing you have to worry about on the web. No there is something out there that can go from harmless to being very dangerous. And that thing is the spread of misinformation on the web.


You can see misinformation being spread a lot of different places on the web. First of all, let’s take for example a popular social network like Twitter. The twitter web service is a great place for people to be able to communicate with each other. You not only get to talk to people, you are also able to get up to date information from around the world. But sometimes that up to date information is not real.

A good example of that is seeing the amount of the fake death notices that happen all of the time. If you spend any time on Twitter then you know that about once a week there is a RIP notice to someone famous. Only a small percentage of those RIP notices tend to be real. The rest are a scam and even though they happen all of the time a big percentage of the people on Twitter still believe them.

But the spread of misinformation can be a lot worse than that. There are times when important protest or political actions are happening through the use of social media. A good example of that is what happened in Iran a few years ago. Political dissidents used Twitter to coordinate their activities. The Iranian government found out about this so they put out fake information to misdirect the protestors. From doing this they were able to catch a lot of them and put them in jail.

While this is a major example of misinformation being dangerous there is a lot lesser ways that misinformation can be dangerous as well. This is why you have to be careful in where you get your news sources from. Try your best to verify that information before acting on it. If you do not then you will find yourself sometimes reading the wrong information and acting on it in the wrong way.

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