The Security Issues With Your iPad

The IPad is probably the biggest thing that has happened to computing in the past few years. You have to give Apple credit; while everyone was salivating over their IPhone they took the reins and stepped up to introduce the IPad. The IPad is a product that has surpassed the IPhone when it comes to being a revolutionary device. As a matter of fact, that IPad is so beloved that most experts think that now we have seen the future of computing for most people. But just like there is a good side with every device, there is a dark side as well when it comes to the IPad.


There is a common misconception among a lot of people, even people who should know better, that malware is only a Microsoft Windows problem. They do not believe that attacks could happen on any of the Apple devices that are out there. Well they are just wrong. If you have a computer, and you store anything valuable on there, then someone will figure out a way to get to it. Apple is not immune to this problem nor is any other operating system out there.

But since people do have this belief, they are going to use their IPad to surf the web without any precautions at all. If you believe that nothing is going to happen to you why should you take the time and be safe? But the bad guys are starting to figure out how to best exploit the IPad and other tablet devices and they are putting the tools necessary to do it. Owners of an IPad represent people with a lot of money so now there is financial incentive to be able to break into these machines and take what they need.

That is why if you own an IPad you still need to be cautious while you are using it. And I am not just talking about being careful on the web. I am talking about being careful when you install applications on there as well. While Apple does check to see if Applications are safe, they do not get 100% of the malware that is in the app store. So you have to be careful and check the reviews when you are loading a device up with apps.

IPads are great devices but do not think that just because you have one that you do not have to worry about the normal problems of computer.

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  1. That’s an article? That’s keyword bait for iPad wrapped up in text that doesn’t say anything.
    So what are the security issues?

    • Fair point about the title not being great, though I’ve never really been someone who chases after keywords. I’ll have to write a follow up…

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