The Security Issues Involving Voting Machines

In the democratic process you have an element of trust that has to happen for the process to work. The reach is so wide with people having to work together to make the process work that no-one is able to monitor it all. But as we all well know, there are some people who will try to cheat the electorate.

They will do whatever they can to see their guy win.

This means that they will go as far as to break laws to make it happen. This has been a problem with voting for a long time and most likely it will not end anytime soon.

The Security Issues Involving Voting Machines

This is part of the reason why we have seen the rise of electronic voting. The voting populace wants to eliminate cheating from the electoral process and so they try to automate the process. We have seen more and more voting machines in use all over the place. For a long time they seemed as if they were the answer to the question. But it turns out that these machines have their problems as well. There have been a lot of controversial election results in the past few years and many of them were caused by the electronic machines that were supposed to stop problems like this from happening.

As it turns out, a lot of these voting machines are not as secure as people once thought they were. There are a group of hackers who specialize in showing how vulnerable these machines really are. They show that with the right knowledge you are able to get past the security of these machines fairly easy. That is why some people want the source code for the machines to be released to the public. They want to be able to scrutinize the code and make sure that everything is on the up and up. Right now you cannot do that and you have to trust one company called Diebold to make sure that everything is working fairly.

Another problem with voting machines is that sometimes, due to error, they do not get the vote tally right. This is a real problem as well and is something that could easily sway elections. If you want to be able to use voting machines in the elections then they have to be thoroughly vetted before put into use. Otherwise you are always going to have contested results.

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