The Security Issue With Using Real Time Video Services

The beginning of the web started a revolution when it came to communicating with people. The fact that we were able to talk to someone a world away without the expensive use of the telephone seemed revolutionary at the time. People saw the future with this type of communication and that is why so many people jumped on the bandwagon early on. But the feature that brought the rest of the world onto the bandwagon was video. Video played a big part in why the internet became popular. The internet allowed people to have their own little TV stations if they wanted. Now you were able to blast out a video to the world anytime that you wanted.

The Security Issue With Using Real Time Video Services

But even bigger than that was that people were able to talk to each other on this new internet video device. We saw many movies that had phones with video capabilities but barely anyone had seen the practice happen in real life. Most people assumed that if it was going to happen, it would be very expensive for a long time. But the internet allowed a video service like this to happen for almost no cost at all. We now have real time video chat applications and people really love this feature. You can see it with the popularity of applications like Skype and others. We now even have real time video chat on our cell phones. We have come a long way in a short time.

There are risks that are involved with a service like this though. While it is great to be able to talk to people with video, there is a chance that you can reveal a lot more about yourself than you intended. If you are talking to someone on video, you have less control of the conversation than you do when it is a voice only or even a text chat. They can see what kind of environment that you live in and even the people who live in your home. Anything that is visible in that camera is fair game. This information can be used against you at any point People tend to forget that information is the number one tool when it comes to the bad guys.

The overall point is to make sure you are careful when you video chat with people online. This is especially important for people that you do not know.

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