The Rise Of Tactical Malware

When you live in one of the top financially well off nations in the world then there is automatically a big target on your back.

People think that you have money (ha ha) just because you come from that country.

The US and the UK are countries that have a well off economy, even when they are going through a recession.

This is why people from other foreign countries will try to target them in attacks.

One of the new attacks that have just been released is the creation of malware that only goes after the people of these two nations.

The UK and the US are being targeted by malware

Malware Targeting The UK

Just recently, there were two pieces of malware that were targeting citizens of the UK and their bank accounts.

One of the malware was a known attack vector called Agent.DBJP whilst the other was known as Silon.var2.

The Silon.var2 came as a surprise and it spread fairly quickly to UK citizens.

The malware themselves can be detected on computers from several different countries but they have a higher rate of detection in the UK and the malware shown here is targeting banks and their customers that are only in the UK.

Malware Targeting The US

While there has been in the past, there is no specific malware recently that has attacked US residents only.

It can be argued that most malware does this.

Most malware is English and they are used to attack web sites that will have a high concentration of Americans on them.

America is known for being the most economically well off nation and this makes the people of the country ripe for attack.

Any country that is in the G8 convention are prime targets for attackers.

Why Not Just Go After Everybody?

While most attacks will just go after anyone who downloads them, more and more, attackers are starting to think regionally.

The reason for this is because most of the antivirus vendors out there only look for attacks that are known to be global.

An attack that only attacks regionally can stay under the radar for a longer period of time.

Even in a country as big as the United States, looking for attacks that only go after the people in that country, that use a specific bank, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

In a country like the UK, which is considerably smaller, the task can be even harder.

The security researchers that look for attacks for a living are going to have to change their techniques to keep up with the times.

The battle is no longer just about who is smarter when it comes to computers.

The battle is also about who can create the better strategy.

If you are the bad guy and you have found a way that will keep your attack from being exposed for longer periods of time then you are going to do it.

It is up to the security professionals to try and stop them.

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