The Reverse PIN Myth

Enter your PIN into an ATM in reverse and the police will NOT rush to your aid.

Any reports you may have seen about the ‘reverse PIN method’, which entails entering your PIN in the opposite order at an ATM in order to alert police that you need assistance, are false.

The story goes, that the police will be called to your aid whilst you can still operate the ATM as normal.



Now that we have that straight, I can tell you that the hoax is often used by scammers.

There are ATM fraudsters who use the story about the reverse PIN method in order to try and scam you.


One way in which they will try to do this is by telling you can get free cash by using this method.

After persuading you to try it the scammer will then watch as you enter your PIN incorrectly a few times.

Unsurprisingly, you do not get any cash and your card is retained by the ATM.

Walking away, realising you were a fool, you fail to notice that the scammer is now retrieving your card from the device that they had attached to the ATM in advance.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that they have just watched you enter your PIN in reverse a few times, enabling them to swap the numbers back around and use your card to make a large withdrawal.

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  1. Prashant Rawat says:

    Thanks man .. there are fools out there believing that that myth just becuz its being shared on on a very large scale .. people actually are ready to believe everything which gets shared no facebook … they never try to find out the truth even if its serious matter …

    • Its the same with most hoaxes – they get shared and people are either too spooked or too lazy to actually think about whether they are true or not – and so just pass them on. Thats why some of these myths are still going strong on the internet many years after they have been debunked.


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