The Return Of BitDefender’s Clueful App

After mysteriously disappearing from the Apple App Store back in July, BitDefender’s Clueful iOS app is back today. Clueful, which can inform you about the permissions granted to other apps was pulled after just a couple of months and no explanation seems to have been forthcoming as to why.


As BitDefender themselves say in their press release,

Bitdefender, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, today announced the relaunch of Clueful, the first security application to empower iPhone owners to distinguish privacy violating apps. Replacing the controversially removed iOS App Store version, Clueful returns as a free web-app globally.

Available for free at via iPhones, iPads and PCs alike, the new Clueful adds more features and more vital privacy information for users. Clueful’s privacy database has also been fortified with data on more Apps, growing from 65,000 to more than 100,000. Users are informed of Apps that are careless with usernames and passwords, track location, read and use address books, access calendars, drain a device’s battery, overly target users with ads, don’t encrypt personal data or transmissions, track and aggregate the owner’s usage through multiple analytics networks, and more.

Alongside access to Top App listing information, users can now add comments on any App’s clue card and comment on how developers handle their privacy.

“The iPhone is the most personal of your personal devices, storing large amounts of private information that app developers would love to access. We feel Clueful is one of the most useful and valuable tools available to consumers and are excited to relaunch it,” said Bitdefender’s Chief Security Researcher, Catalin Cosoi. “We’re putting Clueful out as a comprehensive, full-featured guide to iOS apps with added social features and are preparing further advances for this new technology. There will be much more about Clueful coming soon.”

Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, continues to work with Apple to bringing the initially approved and later pulled Clueful back on the App Store.

You can learn more and try the app out for yourself at

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