The Reasons Why Your Company Is Open Up For Attack

When we purchase something we usually think it is going to work. That includes anything that is simple to very complicated. Whether the item is expensive or not we tend to think that it is going to work. It does not matter if it is a new car or if it is a MP3 Player, if we paid our hard earned money on it then it should work. But sometimes when you pay for an item, you are not expecting it to work one hundred percent of the time but you are expecting it to work most of the time. At least that is what you should be expecting from the item. This is especially true when you are talking about items in the world of computer security.


When you are dealing with computer security there are a lot things that you should purchase when you are a business to make sure that you are safe. These things include both the right software and the right hardware. You might go out and get an IDS system as well as a subscription to the most sought out antivirus company software. These are both good ideas but you cannot expect that these items are going to protect your company’s network one hundred percent of the time. That is not the way it works when it comes to computer security. There are always new threats out there and it takes times for these companies to be able to update their software to be able to pick up the new threat. And some of the threats are made especially to get through systems like IDS so that can be no help there. These items are there to help protect you from most of the attacks that you will face on the web but they will not help you against all of them.

That is why you have to be on defense at all times when you are protecting the network of your company. You cannot just sit back and buy a few items and think that is all you have to do. Just think about all of the vectors of attack that a bad guy might have to penetrate your system. They have the normal internet connection, your employees bringing in foreign thumb drives, your employees bringing in the latest smartphones which are just like mini computers themselves, and a whole host of other ways that you can be attacked. These reasons and many more are why your company is opened up for attack. So if the security precautions that you bought will not help you, what will?

There are several things that you need to do to make sure that your network stays protected at all times. And while none of these suggestions will make your network one hundred percent safe, they will help you even up the odds by a lot. First of all you need to buy the items that we discussed earlier in the article but always make sure that they are updated. On a daily basis. You also need to bring in someone who is a defensive security expert. While this was a little bit harder in the past, there are many more people being trained these days on the subject of computer security. Bring someone like this in and get them to help you out. And lastly educate the people who use the network on a daily basis on ways to stay safe on it. Most vectors of attacks involve something that your employees have done on accident. Teaching them how to be safe will go a long way in protecting your network.

When you are dealing with computer and network security there is no one stop solution. There are a lot of factors that have to be accounted for to make sure that you are safe.

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