The Premium Rate Dial Back Scam

The dial back scam can typically affect its victims in two ways – expense and embarrasment.

Those who orchestrate the scam are usually adult chat line operators who, by law, can only levie charges against those who call them.


So, how do they get unsuspecting victims to call up for phone sex?

Their scheme is quite simple really – they use automatic dialers to randomly call phone numbers from a database.

Of course they don’t want their victim to answer the phone so what they do is only let the phone ring a couple of times, hoping that they garner attention whilst not activating an answering machine.

Many people, after hearing their phone ring just a couple of times, will check to see who called them.

After all, it could be an important call from a client, sick child or friend in need.

As soon as they call back, however, the cost of the call will start to rack up.

Even if the victim hangs up straight away their next phone bill is likely to detail a call to a sex line, along with a huge bill.

If you get caught by this scam then how are you going to explain it to your loving wife?!?

The reason for the bill being so large, despite appearing to have been a local number, is the fact that many international countries don’t utilise the 011 international phone prefix.

Therefore, if you see numbers beginning with 284, 876 or 809 then there is a fair chance that they are actually for the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic respectively.

The moral of this tale is to think before you dial.

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