The Parrot Perch Parking Fine

In the Greek city of Patras a bizarre legal battle has commenced over a parking fine.

Coco, described as a ‘sociable creature’ faces a fine of $650 over an unpaid parking ticket.


According to the local council, his perch is parked illegally and is causing an obstruction to drivers as it utilises part of a metered parking space.

Lambros Michalopoulos, who owns Coco, claims that moving the bird could lead to a dead parrot.

So far, neither Lambros nor the council has backed down from their position, so resolution through the courts now looks inevitable.

Public opinion, and now international interest, may influence the final outcome of this tail, featuring a parrot known for his colourful plumage and extrovert personality.

Despite parking places being a rare commodity around the port, Coco has made friends and influenced people, becoming something of a celebrity figure and mascot.

Zero Tolerance

Over-zealous police have ordered Michalopoulos to pay a heavy fine, due to strict rules governing the areas metered parking spaces.

Pet shop owner Michalopoulos, however, says that he has ignored the authorities requests to re-site the macaw because taking Coco back inside the store may well cause him to die, as he is a sociable creature, used to being around many people.

Lambros now hopes that the case will be dismissed when he appears in court.

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