The Paradise Poker Scam

Internet gambling is a growth industry.

Whatever blog owners, such as myself, may think of the endless spam we receive from such sites as they try to promote themselves, online gambling is here to stay.


One of the more popular such methods of winning and losing money online is the card game, poker.

Paradise Poker, acquired by SportingBet plc in 2004, is one of the thousands of online poker rooms that can be found across the internet.

Like most of it’s contemporaries, it allows players all across the globe to play for fun or real money, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Since the acquisition by SportingBet plc, Paradise Poker has gained a huge level of popularity and a loyal following.

However, in 2005 that took a dive when scandal hit Paradise Poker’s Million Dollar final.

The company held a competition for players from all around the world who played for the chance of getting into the final ten who were then flown to a secret hideaway in the Bahamas, there to play at the final table for a cool $1,000,000.

After arriving, but before the game commenced, it emerged that ZappAA (real name Brian Carney) was in fact under the age of 21, the legal minimum required to play.

Carney had falsified his age in order to enter and had to be removed from the tournament.

Immediately, rumours began circulating about Paradise Poker being a scam and that they rigged all their online poker games. Paradise Poker, however, managed to show fairness by ejecting Carney and have continued to be successful since.

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  1. With gambling I think everyone is ultimately scammed arn’t they? There are no winners in the long term.

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