The Origin Of Lady Peggy Morrison?

The old girl that played a big part in the early days of this site, Lady Peggy Morrison, was, alas, almost forgotten.


Science (ok, ok, the power of the internet) has conjured her back up into my consciousness as I now trace her origins through the power of the Google.

Ok. Enough of that. What am I going on about?

Well, I’m not talking about a positive identification, or even a place of birth. Nor am I talking about Darwinism, though I have heard a rumour that Peggy is indeed a Neanderthal.

Instead, I have found out that an email address that she (or he), or should I say her (his?) alter ego, has been using, has actually got an owner.

Unfortunately for Dan Ehl, Managing Editor of, said email address is his, and he’s sure copped some abuse from some of the thousands of recipients of Peggy’s (aka Rita Mosley’s) emails.

As Dan quite rightly points out, it is a wise precaution to have a password for your email account that is not the same as your address, otherwise this kind of identity theft is all too easy for the scammers who use other peoples’ services to distribute their 419 emails.

When Dan realised what had happened he went to change the password for his email, only to find the scammer had beaten him to it. This was resolved via a call to his service provider, but I would wonder just how many more emails were issued from his account in the meantime.

Now that science has shown that an incarnation of the immortal Peggy Morrison has origins in Dan Ehl’s outbox, time will tell if the magic of the internet will bring Dan himself here to enlighten us further on the story.

In the meantime, I will continue to think of the aging Peggy Morrison Rita Mosley Catherine Levett Susanna… whatever, as they spend their last few days (months after they said they were about to die from their cancerous ailment) learning new tricks for hijacking email addresses from the squalour of their Chelsea apartment.

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  1. She has risen from the dead and re named Angela!

    Had to trace the phone number and there lies the truth.
    James has re named himself as George Edwards Chambers or George Edwards,

    This type of scam is new to me!

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