The Non-Technical Side Of Crime On The Internet

For years whenever you heard about crimes done on the internet it was made to sound like a group of clever hackers was the culprit. No matter what the crime done was, if it was attached to the internet then that meant that the people who performed the crime were highly technical. And that is just not the case. Even in cases where the crime is a tech based crime, there are a lot of one button pushed type tools that allow you to perform them. Just because you can follow instructions and operate a program it does not mean that you are some sort of high tech hacker.


And there is even a side that is less technical than that. There are a group of people who do not use anything more than an email address and their ability to persuade people to commit crimes. And some of the crimes that they commit may not be illegal either. They are just morally wrong and the reason why they are not illegal is because the government has not caught up to the crimes yet. But as soon as some scrutiny is put into some of these actions then there is a good chance that you will start seeing some of these people arrested pretty soon.

One action that you see played out a lot is so called marketers promising something that they cannot deliver. For the most part, a majority of marketers on the internet are legit. They are not trying to scam anyone they are just bringing attention to the product that they represent. But there are a certain segment of marketers that represent items that they know do not work. As a matter of fact a lot of these so called “products” are not really products at all.

A popular scam on the internet is a get rich quick scam that unfortunately works too well. They get in contact with people who are desperate or who do not know how the internet really works and they tell them that they can make money by doing internet marketing themselves. They tell them how easy it is and how they will be making millions of dollars in a short amount of time. Of course none of this true. While it is true that you can make money doing internet marketing, it takes hard work, a level of technical awareness, and the right contacts and information. So while they are not lying about the product itself, they are lying in telling the people how easy it is.

Now you have people, because of the economy, who have been out of work for awhile, trying to get into a business and they have no idea what they are doing. And the people who they are paying thousands of dollars to show them the ropes are nowhere to be seen. This is a huge scam and so far the bad guys have been getting away with it.

But this is just one kind of example of the non-technical scams that happen on the internet. There are many more that we could easily list. When it comes to the internet, you have to remember that the crimes that are committed on it now are not so different than the crimes in real life. Do not think that you always have to look for the virus in order to be scammed on the internet.

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