The Nigerian Official And The $13 Million He Sent Into Outer Space

Robert Borrofice, an ex-biology teacher in Nigeria, won’t be found in an internet cafe conversing with the gullible to get any more millions though.

After acquiring an advanced fee of $13 million, he then promptly blasted it into space, never to be seen again.


Because Borrofice is the leader of Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), a burgeoning organisation in the African nation that is utilising computers and other technology for means less criminal than those the country has typically been associated with.

To many, the thought of Nigeria having a space program sounds like a scam, or an hoax at best. However, the ambitious Borrofice sees their fledgling efforts as a means to aid medical and agricultural plans and even hopes that the nation will one day build an international spaceport.

In a country with far more pressing and significant problems, Borrofice has funded his space program on an amazingly tight budget. In 2003 the NASRDA spent a mere $13 million on launching an imaging satellite, NigeriaSat-1, that compares favourably to American satellites of the 1990s that cost $300 million. The satellite collects data which is then used to educate farmers so they can choose locations and times for planting rice and other crops.

With Nigeria’s equatorial location, Borrofice believes that the construction of a spaceport could attract international investment for the launching of rockets and satellites, thereby allowing his dream to become self-sufficient.

One just hopes that any communications satellites they launch are put to their intended and beneficial purposes!

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  3. Let’s hope that really happens…Nigeria could give hope to other developing countries,like my own

    • I believe the Asian countries will become the next world superpowers as countries in the West, such as American, are already beginning to show signs of economic decline.

    • I have been REALLY curious for a while, Aruna, what country are you from?

      I don’t hide that I am from the US, I know Scam is from the UK, I gather that you are from an Asian country, but which one? If you don’t mind me asking… 🙂

      It is always great to see developing countries attain higher standards of life/living and create a place for themselves on the world stage. I try to never take for granted that I was priveleged enough to be born in this country and feel dismayed when I see/hear people (from this country or others like it) that seem to think they somehow DESERVE what they have. As though if they were born into squalor they would have simply “gotten out of it” with their incredible skills and natural charm.

      I hope that this project has long and far reaching positive implications in the lives of many people!

      • My name is a Hindu name so it is quite obvious that I am from India. If I wanted to hide my place of birth I wouldn’t be mentioning my name! I think everybody loves their country simply because they were born there, but most of us do have gripes about the socio-political scenario. I am sure Jon will agree on this!

  4. But will it help the starving AID stricken lot? Health issues and illiteracy are a perennial problems in developing countries. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.Tech advancements are just an eyewash

    • “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” < you could say the same about Britain, let alone poorer countries. The satellite the Nigerian's are using is collating data used in agriculture so it could well go some way to reducing starvation.

  5. This is a very hot topic…hotter than Galilea should I say?!!
    Is technological development important to developing countries?
    Yes, because knowledge and development is for all to enjoy.
    No, if corruption is plaguing the country.

    • The logic employed by Borrofice is that the investment in space technology now will pay dividends in the longer term for Nigeria and that the space program could actually be hugely profitable if they develop the international spaceport.

      Currently satellites, etc are launched from Russia and China but Nigeria has a better geographical position so he may well be right..

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