The New Windows 8 Dynamic

If you are ever looking for an example of evolution then you will have to look no further than the world of computers. It seems like almost every year that we see something new from computers that we had no idea that they were able to do. And each time we see it, we get more and more fascinated by it. Even though the computer industry has paid almost strict adherence to Moore’s law, it is not only the processor which has went through an evolutionary phase. The way we design systems has gone through evolution as well.

If you look at the new Windows 8 operating system you can see a perfect example of this. For years it seemed as if Microsoft was dedicated to a 3 to 4 year cycle of releasing operating systems. But they seem to have stagnated when Windows XP was released. Even though it was a very good operating system the almost ten years that it took to release a new one was unacceptable. Microsoft finally came out with Windows Vista but it was critically panned. They took another swing soon after and released Windows 7 which was universally revered. But now as we come to the release of the new Windows 8, what can we reasonably expect is going to be different with this one that we have not seen before?

The New Windows 8 Dynamic

The changes in Windows 8

Even though it does not seem like it, we have lived in a new world of computing since the release of Windows 7. We have seen that the world wants less power from computers but more ability to use them in a less painful fashion. Computers are very hard for a lot of people. This is what we have seen with the popularity of the IPad. Most people do not do anything complicated on their computer so they want to be able to use the computer just like they do any other device. They want to be able to plug it in and just use it. Well Windows 8 is trying to answer that call as well.

They do this by giving you two different versions of the operating systems with just one install. You can use the regular version of the operating system which looks a little like Windows 7 but with a few changes. Or you can use the new Metro version of the operating system. This is the version that has less ways to be able to manipulate the device but provides you an easy to use interface that will get you to the programs that you want to use. Microsoft has learned a lot from its competitors and they know that the name of the game is ease of use now.

The new aesthetics of Windows 8

The ease of use is not the only change when it comes to Windows 8. The look and feel of the operating system has shifted a lot. It is not so much the design but the warmness of it all. You could see a little of this new way of thinking start to peek through with Windows 7 but now it is really brought to life with Windows 8. Microsoft is in the design business now just like Apple and it is really starting to show.

With the new Windows 8 operating system you will start to see Microsoft go in a whole new direction than they have in the past. They probably used to be worried about if their clients in the past were happy. Now they seem more worried about future clients and bringing them quality.

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