The New Microsoft Authentication Method – U Prove

Through the years, the one thing that many people may not have associated with Microsoft was the word security.

It seemed to me that they always valued ease of use in their software over the robustness of their security.

In recent years, however, Microsoft seem to have been making a big effort to move away from that image.

They have made a conscious effort to secure their applications so that they can shake the bad vulnerable image down and build a new one up.

One of the ways that Microsoft is trying to shore up its reputation as a secured software company is by releasing security products into the public space.

Microsoft Security Essentials

One of their most popular security products is Microsoft Security Essentials – MSE.

This is the free antivirus program that Microsoft allows you to download.

It is considered one of the finest pieces of antivirus software in the entire industry.

Even a lot of professionals are choosing it over other providers such as AVG and Norton.


Another entrant that they have released to help repair their reputation is the U-Prove identity framework.

They are allowing other developers to use it as well since it is licensed under the CTP license.

The U-Prove identity framework allows the developer to integrate an easy-to-use log in framework in their new systems.

When we go to different web sites, to make sure that we are having a secured experience, we are usually required to log in.

Once you are logged in, you will see the full amount of options that you have.

The more sites that you visit, the more log ins that you must have.

After a while, this can start to grow very tiresome.

With U-Prove, this is not the case.

A web site would only have to provide you the log in form into the U-Prove system and that would automatically verify you to their network.

The web site only gets the data that it needs to make the initial transaction.

Nothing else is required.

So you could have one log in identity and use it across a number of web sites.

The framework also has a security encryption system baked into it that is designed by one of the top guys in the industry, Dr Stephen Brands.

So not only do you have one ID on all of these sites, you also know that you have the best tech available for a secured transaction.

The U-Prove identity framework can help a lot of sites make transactions easier for the consumer.

They will have one secured log in for all of their web experiences.

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