Do Mobile Phones Need Security Software?

Who would ever think that there would be a day that we would need to run security software on a cellular phone.

Well that day is here.

The more we use our cellphones to replace our desktop computers and laptops, the more we are going to need to keep them secure and out of harms way.

mobile phone security software

Hackers Target Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is quickly becoming the new target of choice for hackers to be able to exploit.

It is still the wild west when it comes to the security standards on the general smart phone.

You will have to rely on your own smarts and some software from a couple of familiar companies to be able to outwit the bad guys.

Most of the security software available right now is for people who use the Windows mobile platform on their smart phones.

This piece of software is similar to using the normal Windows operating system so it is easier to write an exploit for it.

A lot of the vulnerabilities use the same method of attack as they do on the Windows PC.

If you use your normal common sense and the correct software then you should be fine.

In recent months the IPhone has also ran into some serious problems when it comes to security exploits.

There have been worms that were being propagated on the Iphone network as well as in there App store.

There have also been demonstrations of actual exploit attacks being performed on the phone in hacker competitions.

Because of its app store, internet access, and email capabilities, the Iphone has many vectors that it must defend from exploit attacks.

I do not know of any security software that runs on the IPhone platform but I’m pretty sure that if there is not any now, then some are soon to come.

Cell Phone Security

Some of the companies that provide security software for mobile phones are familiar names and companies that you can trust.

The leader in this space so far seems to be Kaspersky with its mobile application security software suite.

Another company that seems to be popular in the mobile space is Trend Micro.

They offer a complete package of mobile security applications that seem to be well reviewed.

Other companies that are in the space include Symantec and Mcafee.

All of these vendors target different mobile operating systems as well as different mobile models so make sure before you purchase one of these software suites that they will operate on your phone.

As you see there are many companies out there that are getting serious about mobile security.

It is becoming a real problem and may be more of a threat than it is on the PC.

The number of cell phones are greater than the number of PCs.

The more like mini computers these phones become, the higher risk will be for large scale exploits.

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  1. can i use my norton protection for my pc on my iphone as my cover is paid for 3 devices


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