The Murder Of Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales died on August 31st 1997.

Over 11 years later people are still asking whether Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident or was she murdered?


Conspiracy theorists, as you would imagine, think the latter, offering up these as some of the possible perpetrators –

  • The paparazzi
  • The British monarchy
  • Enemies of Mohamed Al Fayed

Additionally, another interesting claim is that Diana may have faked her own death.

Do any of these solutions have any basis in fact, or are they just the products of over-active imaginations, or grief, such as that felt when JFK died?


One possible cause of Diana’s death, which was given a lot of publicity at the time, was involvement or interference from the paparazzi.

Since her engagement to Prince Charles in 1980, Diana became the most famous woman in the world, always hotly pursued by the press.

Therefore, it was not surprising to learn that the paparazzi were the reason why Diana’s car was speeding through the Paris tunnel at the time of the crash – they were trying to evade the paparazzi who had followed them from their hotel.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the cause of the crash was far more likely to have been due to the driver, Henri Paul, being highly intoxicated (his blood alcohol level was at least triple the legal limit).

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That, however, has not stopped some people from believing that Diana’s death was a mere accident.


Soon after Diana’s death was announced there were murmurings of a conspiracy, suggesting that she had been assassinated.

What is more, the assassination was alleged to have been carried out by the British secret service, on behalf of the monarchy.

The reasoning given for such a drastic reaction was that Diana was preparing to marry Dodi Al Fayed and/or was pregnant by him.

Both could, potentially, have caused massive problems and embarrassment for the British establishment.

If true.

A Muslim step-father for the future King of England (Prince William), or a Muslim child who would have a claim on the throne were, it is said, both highly undesirable.

Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, believes that the secret services were in the tunnel at the time of the accident, driving a mysterious white Fiat uno which was used to block the Princess’ car, causing it to swerve into the barrier.

Officially, however, it has been stated that Diana was not pregnant and not planning to marry Dodi.

Additionally, camera evidence from the tunnel does not back up the white Fiat theory either.


Another conspiracy theory surrounds Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed.

Believers suggest that, as he is such a rich man, he must have enemies.

Therefore, they say, it is possible that these enemies could have killed Dodi in order to get at him.

Strangely, however, these ‘enemies’ of the Al Fayed family have never been outed by Mohamed Al Fayed or even so much as given definitive names and identities.

This leads me to conclude that theories of this nature are simply unbelievable.


The next most prevalent theory, and most fanciful too in my opinion, is that the Princess of Wales never died in the first place. (though I do recall seeing her in a chip shop in Walsall, working with Elvis a couple of years ago)

The story goes that Diana and Dodi utilised his family’s vast fortune in order to stage an ‘accident’, complete with bodies and total cover-up after the event.

This then allowed them to disappear and enjoy the rest of their lives away from the public eye, complete with new identities.

Yeah, right.

If anyone had watched Princess Diana on television, or met her in person, then they would know that she would never be able to walk away from her children. In fact, I think she would probably have been scared to.

Also, there’s the small matter of the bodies retrieved from the car wreckage, along with the post mortem results.


Was there a conspiracy that led to Diana’s death, or was it simply a tragic car accident?

Could she really still be alive???

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  1. I have bean interested in this ever since i was 8 and i first heard it and the fact that she died a week after my first birthday excited my interest further and the first Sean the car i new that this was no accident and i know that she did not fake her death that is selfish something Diana was not. and i doubt that it was enemies of the Al Fayed family so that leaves me to 3 scenarios 1 is that The British Monarchy was after her, the second is that they were trying to get away from the paparazzi, the third is that The British Monarchy was after Dodi and that Diana was in the wrong place at the wrong time that is rather unlikely but more likely then some others.

  2. It’s difficult to beleive Diana’s car crash was a simple accident. It was too convenient for the royal family as well as all the numerous question’s not answered. I feel Dodi and Diana were running from something that fateful night and i doubt it was the paprazzi they were running from. The white car..little concern from authorities concerning it as it played a big role in causing accident. Camera’s in tunnel turned off? Oh come on! A 2 and a half hour ride to hospital? A member of a papparzzi said to have ties to british intelligence knocked off ..and said to own a white fiat. Diana throughly ticked off the monarcy..she was warned. I think she feared the Queen and the brotherhood and felt the fayed could offer her the protection she needed from the monarcy. I guess what get’s feared for her life..why get into a car where the seatbelts didn’t work in the backseat..there were a couple of clues she should have picked up as she
    feared for her life. So what’s the moral of this sad affair..don’t marry into the royal family!! They are strange ppl. to begin with whose views of people and life are warped..

  3. Well there are a lot of weird evidences that does makes one question. No camera footage in the tunnel? A white Fiat car involved in the accident (based on eye witnesses) but never found? A rich paparazzi who had an exact car who immediately went to respray his car after this event? Him commiting suicide with no apparent reason after a couple of years? The list just goes on and on.

    These are only a few out of the mountain of evidence cover-ups and theories and if it in fact was an accident, what a list of coincidences!

    • You’re right that there are a lot of unanswered questions and strange goings on but that’s exactly why people still come up with conspiracy theories after all these years.

      If every question had a simple answer then no-one would be questioning the official reports into the accident.

      The thing is, can anyone link all the small inconsistencies together to make a compelling case that this was anything other than a tragic accident?

  4. Sue Evans says:

    Diana is still alive? Yeah ok. Only fools would believe that.

  5. Steven Manners says:

    Princess Di died in a car crash. All the official reports confirmed it. Why do people still think otherwise in the face of cold hard facts?

    • I think it’s good to question the ‘facts’ sometimes as I doubt everything we are told is true. However, in this case, it would seem to be an ‘open and shut’ case.

  6. “(though I do recall seeing her in a chip shop in Walsall, working with Elvis a couple of years ago)”

    you do make me laugh 😀

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