The Mother Of All Scams

A man is standing in the supermarket looking for milk when he notices an old lady staring at him and crying.



He asks her what is wrong and she says,

‘Oh I am so sorry.

It’s just you remind me of my son.

He worked here and every week I would come and visit him at work, buy my groceries and then, on the way out the door he would shout “Bye mum!”‘

‘That is quite lovely’ he said, ‘but why are you crying?’

‘Well, he died recently and this is the first time I have been back into the shop since.

When I saw you standing there I thought it was him’

‘I am so sorry. Is there anything I can do?’ said the man.


‘Well…it is a bit silly…but if you could shout “Bye mum” when I leave that would make me so happy.’

The man agrees and the woman pushes he trolley through the checkout and, as she leaves, she turns to him with a hopeful smile.

So he shouts ‘Bye mum!’ across the supermarket.

A few minutes later, the man is at the checkout himself, thinking what a good deed he has done when the checkout clerk hands him his bill.

‘That will be $337.68 please’.


Why so much?’

‘Well, there is your milk and your mother’s groceries – she said you would be paying.’

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