The Moon Landing Conspiracy. Part 8 – Video Evidence?

It’s been a little while since I added to my collection of posts which query whether the moon landing was hoaxed or not.

Today’s installment looks at just one of the issues that conspiracy theorists have with the moon landing video, that of motion on the U.S. flags that have been planted on the lunar surface.


As I am sure most people are aware, there should be no such motion on the moon due to the lack of air and gravity.

However, in many clips motion most definitely can be observed, as can be seen in the video below which also offers up some explanations –

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I would imagine that most people have firm beliefs in whether the moon landings were faked or not and a video clip or two is not going to change that, but I would be interested in knowing whether you think that the flags moved for totally logical reasons, such as being waved by the astronauts, or whether you think the motion was due to the fact that the various footage was filmed on earth?


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  1. It was not mentioned what fabric the Aboriginal flag was made from. Clearly, a statically charged balloon *does* attract some materials (as we see later on the video), especially nylon, which is what the US flag was made of. I rather suspect the Aboriginal flag is made of cotton.

    Also, the US flag had rods inserted along the hems so that it would stand out, since there is no breeze on the moon to keep it extended. Any even very minor vibration would send it wobbling, since there is a lot less gravity to hold it in place. Any vibration would move mostly the parts that are the least secured, ie the very end of the flag.

    Hardly “busted”

  2. well,I guess 9\11 speaks for itself.

  3. The thing that gets me is if the moon landings really were faked then the people behind it had to go to an awful lot of bother to do so. Wouldn’t it have been the simpler choice to actually go to the moon and back?

    • That’s a good point, travelling to the moon and back may well have been cheaper, and easier to orchestrate, than faking the mission!

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