The Moon Landing Conspiracy. Part 7 – Faked Photos?

Yesterday’s asked whether moon landing photos may have been faked to conceal the presence of aliens.

Today I will take a brief look at the ‘evidence’ put forward which ‘proves’ that some of the photos were faked.



The cameras used by the astronauts on the moon’s surface were technologically remarkable but had the distinct disadvantage of not allowing the operator to see what he was taking a photograph of.

If every photo taken had turned out perfectly then this would have been highly suspicious and would have lent credence to the whole moon landing episode being a conspiracy.

However, contrary to what some people may believe, not every photograph came out well.

At the time the cost of developing photographs was high so NASA, understandably, only selected the best shots to use and distribute.

In later years the faulty photos did in fact surface, revealing that a great many would not have been suitable for publication at the time.


Conspiracy theorists say that bent shadows seen in some of the Apollo photographs are evidence of faking.

They suggest that they way the shadows appear is down to the fact that there is just one long and artificial light source.

In some photos the astronauts appear to be brightly lit, as if under a spotlight, despite the fact that they are obviously standing in a shadow.

Whilst these two factors could indicate that something is amiss, it is also possible that variations in shadows were caused purely by the viewing angle.

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Conspiracy theorists believe that some photos may have been tampered with because of their consistently high quality.

Despite the conditions, and the fact that the cameras were strapped to the astronauts’ chests, all the photos brought back seem to be in focus.

However, as mentioned above, NASA only chose to release the best quality pictures and the unfocused ones are now available for viewing.


Perhaps one of the most well-known arguments against the moon landing photos is the the issue of the lighting.

It has been said that the earth emitted sufficient light to highlight the astronauts in the photographs.

If that is the case then it should also have been sufficient to create shadows around the men too.

In reality, the earth does indeed emit some light but not enough to highlight the astronauts directly.

Instead, the light bounces off the moon’s surface and is reflected back onto the astronauts, hence no shadows.


Do you think the moon landing photographs were faked?

Or are there plausible explanations for all the anomalies that the theorists question?

More on the moon landing conspiracy coming soon.


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  1. The video sums it up nicely for me – parts of photos have been duplicated. Why is that I wonder?

    • I’m quite open-minded on the moon landings, leaning towards believing they really did occur.

      However, the point you raise does pose questions.

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