The Moon Landing Conspiracy. Part 5 – No Return

The moon landing, if it really did occur, was a spectacular technological achievement.

At enormous cost, and risk to personnel, NASA made a total of 6 manned landings between 1969 and December of 1972.


Considering that technology is always advancing, and costs reducing (in relative terms), why have there been no men on the moon for over 35 years?

Could it be because the political aims had been met and America had already claimed a significant victory over Russia in the space race?

Or could it be something else?

NASA’s stance is that there was no funding at first because their potential budget was allocated to building up nuclear arsenals during the cold war and that sounds completely reasonable given the state of the world at that time.

What about since the cold war though?

Perhaps NASA needed the funding for the space shuttle and other projects or maybe they saw another moon landing as too big a risk.

If the latter is the case then I’m sure plenty of astronauts would be willing to take that chance in order to further advance our understanding of the moon, unless the risk is absolute, in which case we are back to questioning whether Apollo 11 really could have got to the moon in the first place?

More on the moon landing conspiracy coming soon..


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  1. B Richardson says:

    I think it’s down to the fact that the scientific gain doesn’t justify the budget required. We already have shedloads of moon-dust and rock. Why go back?

    Even if we wanted to, we certainly don’t need to put men up there either. Unmanned craft can do the job just as quickly and easily without the risk.

    I know I would rather they spent the budget on exploring moons which could contain life such as Europa, or Titan, which not only has a proper atmosphere but has evidence of surface water.

    • Maybe not just Europa or Titan – a recent report I read on the BBC website seems to suggest that there are quite literally hundreds of planets out there just like earth!

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