The Moon Landing Conspiracy. Part 4 – Silencing The Few?

Yesterday I drew the conclusion that it was highly unlikely that the moon landing could have been faked and then covered up by hundreds of people in a mass conspiracy.

However, is it possible that just a few key people were in on the hoax and so were able to maintain the required level of secrecy? For such a plan to work only a few top people in NASA could be informed of what was taking place.


That a few handpicked people could keep a secret is quite believable, however, nothing is ever that simple.

In order to keep the ruse going, NASA would actually have had to have built a rocket.

If it wasn’t space-worthy then the scientists and contractors involved in it’s creation would most certainly have known and so the number of people involved in the conspiracy would have been huge once again.

On the other hand, if a fully viable rocket was created in order to con those working on it then why not actually go ahead with a real landing on the moon anyway?

Even if the rocket was partially viable but had problems, such as protecting the astronauts from cosmic radiation, then the cost would still have run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, begging the question of why not do the job properly?

Again, this leaves me thinking that it would have been next to impossible to fake the moon landing and get away with it for decades.

However, there is still some compelling evidence to come which does cast doubts over whether Apollo 11 really did land on the moon….

This is the fourth of a multi-part series looking at the moon landing to discover if it could have been faked.


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