The Military Hackers Of China

Since the inception of the internet there has always been a threat of it being used for wrong. And there is no denying that a lot of bad guys come with the great amount of good that is on the internet. But now we are starting to enter a new position that the global community has never been in before. We are starting to see now that there is a new way to carry out wars. And believe it or not but it might be the most deadly way to fight a war since the beginning of the nuclear age. It is the cyber wars being fought on the internet.

Most people who read those last few lines might think that they are ridiculous. How can a war done over computers be harmful to average people? It’s easy. The more we put our everyday life on the internet and into network based computers, the easier it is to disrupt that life. We are not just talking about being able to access recipes from the internet. We are talking about not being able to get a pharmacy prescription that you might need. Or information being turned around and used so that an innocent person might be considered a criminal. Or as we are going to talk about in this article, secrets being stolen from nations and then being used to rage a real war against that nation.

And that is what is going on right now. We are starting to see a cyber hacking war go on between the United States and China. Each country wants to be able to seek out the secrets of the other and even though we are not officially at war with one another the stances between the two countries can be seen to be aggressive at best.

The Military Hackers Of China

How China is preparing for this war

For at least a decade now it has been believed that the Chinese military has been building a crack hacker unit to be able to infiltrate other nation’s cyber security. While officially the Chinese government deny that such an organization exists, there have been too many instances where we have seen (alleged) proof that this is not true. The Chinese hackers that are sponsored by the government are some of the best in the business and the government is providing them with hardware that other hackers cannot hope to compete with. Some of the evidence that has been found that would seem to indicate that the Chinese government has been flimsy at best. But other pieces of data that would do the same have been spot on. For example, we have evidence in a new documentary that was released by the Chinese government that there are custom tools being developed for hacking purposes. The documentary was about Chinese schools and not about cyber activities. But in one piece of the film, a program was shown that was targeting a school in the United States. They could not deny that this tool was being used for hacking purposes.

While we fear that the Chinese hackers are going to be the ones that infiltrate the United States and other country’s security measures, this has not been their main concern so far. We are starting to see that they have another concern entirely. What has been happening recently is that the Chinese military hackers have been focusing their attention on the US and other countries corporations. They are trying to steal information that might be able to help make their country and the businesses inside of it players on the global stage. While state secrets are good, being able to do a little corporate sabotage just might be even better in their eyes.

They are not the only ones involved in this war

While you will hear the news focus a lot on the Chinese hacker’s invasion, they are not the only governments that are sponsoring cyber warriors. Countries from all around the globe are sponsoring their best and brightest in their respective computer communities. They all want to be a player when a cyber war actually kicks off. This is an arms race where the price of admission is considerably low. If you are a country that is considered up and coming, you can no longer sit on the side and wait as everyone else grows a military presence on the web. This would again put you behind the times and make you beholden to countries that are in the know.

In the age where everything is going digital, you can expect to see a lot more skirmishes kick up on the cyber stage. We are only at the beginning and not the end. But the good news is that while this is going on, we are going to see the average cyber crime become harder and harder to pull off. By default, the security that will be available to normal users will be greater than ever.

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