The Microsoft Removal Tool Beats Conficker. If You Can Get It

If you suspect you have the Conficker virus you may quickly get frustrated trying to remove it on your own.

This should not make you sweat too hard though, because even the UK Naval Fleet has been foiled by the Conficker bug.

Rest assured you are certainly not the first person, and certainly not the last, who will fight against the destructive nature of the Conficker virus.

The basic problem with the malicious Conficker worm is that it will not allow you to go to Microsoft or any anti-virus website to download the removal tool.

And you can also forget about your security updates, because the Conficker worm will disable any helpful automatic updates on your computer so that you cannot prevent its growth.

Before you give up hope on your computer, however, there is still one more thing you can do that has proved effective in situations where the Conficker virus has not yet been able to take full control of the computer’s operating system.

So what is this magic fix?

Well, surprisingly enough, it is an email attachment.

If you head over to you can read a plethora of information on the Conficker virus and you can also access a download for a Conficker removal tool.

Of course, you cannot access the Microsoft website on the infected computer but you can access it on another clean computer.

Use the clean system to email the download to your own address, which you will still be able to open on the infected computer.

Once you open it on the infected computer, simply open the attachment and let the Microsoft Removal tool get to work cleaning your system and ridding you of the effects of the Conficker bug completely.

A word to the wise, however.

Once you have eliminated the Conficker bug from your system, you should immediately download the security patch to prevent it from coming back and you should also perform a thorough update on your anti-virus and operating system software to make sure you never hear from the nasty worm again!

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