The Memory In Your Computer Can Be Either Your Friend Or Your Enemy

The progress that we have made with our computers over the years has been remarkable. This is especially true when it comes to area known as the memory of the computer. In the not too far distant past, we used to have to pay a lot of money to get less than 1mb of RAM on our computer. A little over ten years ago, the standard computer was issued just 125mb of RAM for a person to be able to play with. It is only in the past decade where having a computer with over 1GB of RAM space has become the normal way of doing things. But now that is the case and everyone seems to be better off for it. And when we say everyone we mean everyone. That includes the bad guys that roam the internet.

The Memory In Your Computer Can Be Either Your Friend Or Your Enemy

Yes, this increase in space is for the most part a good thing. But it can also have bad effects as well. These days a computer comes issued with an average of 2 to 4 GB of memory. This is enough room to allow your computer to run several different programs all at the same time. These programs are loaded in and they just wait for the person to activate them again. Sometimes it doesn’t take the user to activate them; the computer itself will activate the programs without the end user knowing. This is usually performed when there are some kind of maintenance needs to be taken care of. This is the same method that a lot of black hat hackers will use to be able to have a program running in the background of their victim’s computer. And the computers of today have so much RAM and they are so powerful that a lot of times, the average user does not notice that there is a problem.

How does memory work exactly?

We do not have enough space in this article to do a detailed analysis on how RAM works but we can give you the basics. There are a lot of people out there who think that RAM makes your computer go faster. While it may seem that way that is not what is going on. In reality, RAM is where data is stored before it goes to the CPU to be processed. Anytime the data is not stored in the RAM it is stored on the hard drive. So if the CPU is running, and it cannot find the data that it needs in the RAM, it has to tell the system to get the data from the hard drive. That is why you want a larger amount of RAM. It allows your computer to make fewer trips to the hard drive to get the data. That is why it seems like your system is faster. But in reality, it is actually just making less trips to the hard drive. So that space combined with more powerful processors make for faster computers but it is not the RAM alone which makes the computer faster.

So now that you have this large amount of space to be able to work with, you start to see black hat hackers get a little bolder with the programs that they create that cause havoc. In the past, when a black hat hacker would want to create a program to sit on your system, they would have to be really careful when it came to size. When you have a limited amount of space to work with then you have to be sure that the person does not notice what is going on. If you take up too much space then the normal computing activities of the system becomes interrupted. When you cause an interruption the person starts to look for the problem and now all of that particular black hat hacker’s work is down the drain. But when you have RAM the size that it is now, that really becomes less of a problem.

The type of programs that black hat hackers like to use to just sit on your computer includes keyloggers, web cam spy software, botnet software and others types of malware. It is mostly programs that use your computer as an attack vector against someone else or it is collecting data from your computer. More RAM on the computer really does make these types of attacks a lot easier.

Having more RAM on your computer is a good thing. It allows you to make your system a lot more powerful. But you really have to worry about more powerful attacks as well. Simple computer security maintenance will help you with that problem. It doesn’t matter how much RAM you have on your computer if you make sure that it is protected from the bad guys that are out there.

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