The Marriage Of Twins – Hoax Or Not?

Welcome to ‘Hoax Sunday‘ – over the next few hours, 3 stories will appear.

Nought, one, two or all three of them may be hoaxes. Then again, none, some or all may be true stories.

Can you tell which is TRUE and which is a HOAX?

Here is the first story –

Seperated twins get married then have to divorce

British twins who were separated at birth went on to meet in later life, without having any idea who the other was.

After forming a relationship the two then later got married, without ever realising that they were brother and sister.

When their biological relationship was later discovered, a court had to dissolve their incestuous relationship.


The case, involving an as yet unidentified brother and sister, has raised many issues in the UK, not least of which is the issue of genealogy.

This comes at a time when Parliament is set to rule on a bill which may make it compulsory for a father to be named on a birth certificate

Currently, under British law, only the mother has to be named on a child’s birth certificate.

Additionally, birth certificates are not required to identify births that result from IVF or from a sperm donation.

In instances where children are conceived from donated sperm there is no requirement for parents to ever share that fact with their children.

Human Fertility and Embryology Bill

Critics of the current laws surrounding the lack of data required on a British birth certificate are looking for an an amendment to the Human Fertility and Embryology Bill.

They hope that the Bill, currently being debated in the House of Lords, will be changed in order to identify sperm donating fathers.

They hope that such changes would prevent blood relatives from inadvertently engaging in illegal marriages again in the future.

The main arguments against such a change in the law centre around the possibility that fathers named as sperm donors could then find that their good deed could cost them dear – when they are hunted down and made to pay a lifetime of child support.

True story or hoax – what do you think?

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