The Loch Ness Monster – Do You Think Its A Hoax?

I have a post coming up soon which will be taking a look at the Loch Ness monster and asking whether it is a hoax or not.

Loch Ness

In the meantime I was wondering what you guys think?

Nessie – ancient sea monster or tourist-attracting hoax..

Please let me know your views via the comments.

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  1. I would like to believe in Nessie but the thought is just too far fetched, Cmon ancient sea monsters in modern day Scotland? Get real folks.

  2. Absolutely! No way is there a dinosaur still alive today. This is a myth.

  3. Hoax. But a great one. Must help the tourist industry no end.

    Just my thoughts 😉


    • I’m with you on that Justin. I too believe its nothing more than a hoax which conveniently attracts tourists.

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