The Letter Combination Of Your Password Is Important

Have you ever had someone try to take something of yours? And if they did try were they able to succeed in taking your item? If they did then I am pretty sure that it is an experience that you do not want to go through again. When it does happen to you it can cause a flurry of emotions inside of you. You can go from being angry that someone would have the gall to steal from you to feeling helpless because you were not able to stop it. There are a whole host of emotions that you will go through when someone steals from you. That is why you want to try to stop as best as you can.


When you are online you have to worry about people stealing from you as well. You cannot just treat the web like you did in the late 90’s and not worry about the black hat hackers out there. They are no longer just looking for the big fish to fry. They are going after the small guppies as well and that most likely includes you. You are doing more things online than you have in the past. This probably includes doing more banking online. Most of the banks out there are trying to encourage their customers to do more banking online. This way they are able to cut costs and allow their customers more savings. But when you use services like this online, services that are able to affect your livelihood, then you have to make sure you are very careful and make sure that you take every precaution that you can.

And that means you have to be careful when you are making your password to access these services. You cannot just make a password and hope that it is good enough. You have to use the best known practices to make a password to make sure that it is safe. But to make a password that is safe you cannot be worried about if you are able to remember it or not. You have to find a safe place to put the password that is not in reach of the black hat hackers out there. Because they have to the tools that are able to get to your password so you have to try to make it as hard as possible.

First of all when you are making a password, make sure that you go outside of the alphanumeric combination. You want to make sure you are putting symbols as well as letters and numbers in your password. Letter and number combinations are too easy to guess so make sure you are steering clear of that. With symbols you are probably able to get away with a smaller password for you to use. Something that is still hard to guess but easier for you to remember. But if you feel like you need a normal number and password combination then make sure you create a passphrase with numbers in it.

A passphrase is just a sentence that you use as a password. This allows you to have something that you can remember while at the same time being long enough so that it is hard to guess. But you have to realize that black hat hackers know about passphrases as well so while they work better than normal passwords they are still vulnerable. Make sure the sentence is something that you made up on your own and not something you got from a book or a website.

Overall the best password you can use is something that is at least a 16 letters plus number combination that you have to store in a password manager. These types of passwords have proven to be the most effective against both manual and automated guessing methods.

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