The J.O.B. Scam

If you have read my site for any length of time then you will known that I am anti-mlm.

Typically, that has nothing to do with the products or services being offered by network marketers, but more to do with that type of business model.


However, in an attempt to offer a slightly more balanced view, here are a few reasons why some people may think that the traditional job role is, in fact, the bigger scam –

Financial Dependence

The vast majority of people employed in traditional jobs (maybe as much as 99%) find themselves financially dependent upon the State when they retire.

Despite the grim future offered by regular employment, the vast majority of people still see it as the only possible career option.

Social Conditioning

Employment has failed miserably as a career option and yet social conditioning has continued to make it appear as a viable financial option.

This is quite possibly down to social conditioning, inherited from parents, friends and relatives who end up broke in old age.

There is also an element of conditioning from the business system – big business wants the masses to believe that paid employment is their only viable option as that guarantees generations of willing, and low-paid, workers for them.

If the business community can promote ‘safe and secure’ jobs then they can take their pick of the best people whilst reducing the number of entrepreneurs who may otherwise offer them competition in the future.


In some respects it may be argued that regular Jobs are hardly different to slavery, other than being a legal form.

The corporate pyramid uses their workers’ talents in order to make vastly greater sums of money than they ever will.

Is it possible that corporations and other businesses are in fact the pyramid schemes, rather than the mlms?


With a few exceptions, everyone has the ability to choose their path through life.

A multi level marketing fan may suggest that a job removes your ability to control your financial future, whilst their business model allows a lot more freedom.

I can agree with that line of thinking to a degree, however, the question has to be can any specific mlm work for the individual, or is the individual just working for those at the top of a different kind of pyramid?

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  1. That is a pretty good assessment of why the whole corporate world looks like a pyramid. If you want to succeed then break free from the rat race and create your own destiny.

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