The International Do Not Spam Registry

Inundated with junk email?

Fear not!


International Do Not Spam Registry to the rescue!

Sign up now and you’ll never receive any more junk email.

Or so the email says –

National Do Not Email Registry

I know you are all tired of getting junk mail.

The following link is a National Do Not Email Registry, if you elect to submit your email address they will remove you from junk mail.

You can also file a complaint with them if junk emails persist:

Reality, however, is somewhat different – whilst there may be a ‘Do Not Call Registry’ there is, and never has been, a ‘Do Not Spam’ registry.

The FTC did actually look into creating a real registry of this type a few years back but nothing ever came of it :

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  1. Oh if only such a system really did exist and work it would be brilliant.

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