The Importance Of Safety When You Are Choosing A Language To Build Your Future On

If you run a business or offer some kind of service then there is a good chance that either you already have, or will have need of, your own web site. Then there is also a good chance that you will need a mobile phone app as well.

These two tools are great in advertising in the new digital media era. When people these days go to look up information, they do not go to the phone book first. No, they go online and try to find out the information that they need. And now, along with going online, more and more people will use their mobile phones to try and find out this information as well.

The Importance Of Safety When You Are Choosing A Language To Build Your Future On

And this trend is not going to stop any time soon. We are moving more to a digital age and if you are in business then you need to be ready for it. This is why you are going to need your own web site or mobile app to be able to bring customers your way. But what if you are not a very technical person? What if you are not familiar with how to build your own web site and you are going to need to hire someone? Well, even if you are not technical there are going to be some technical terms that are going to be thrown your way. While we will not be discussing all of them here, we will try to help you keep your new digital project secure.

Making sure that safety is provided

When you set up a way for your customers to be able to reach you digitally then you have to be able to ensure that they are going to have a safe experience. That means that even though you might want to, you cannot cut cost when it comes to creating your digital habitat. This means that you have to take into consideration the platform that you are using.

You will hear a lot of programmers bragging about the programming language that they use and how it is safer than all of the others. They will try to warn you against languages such as PHP, when it comes to the web, because it has so many holes in it. Usually this is just the programmer of the software shop just trying to get your business. It doesn’t matter which programming language your developer uses, there are holes in all of them. It is up to the developer themselves to be able to protect you from these holes. If they are not able to do that then you are in trouble no matter which language they create your digital property in.

On the web, this is more of a concern than when it comes to building a mobile app. On the web there are several languages that are popular when it comes to building the server side portion of a web app. On the client side you are going to use HTML (or HTML5 which is the same thing but with little added features), CSS and JavaScript. It is on the server side where you are going to see a lot of variety in which languages are used. Some people will use PHP, some will people use Python, and others may use Ruby. There are a whole host of options that you can use to create a web app these days.

And like we said earlier in the article, all of these solutions have some sort of hole in them. It doesn’t matter which one you choose there is going to be a security flaw that has to be covered up. So to make sure that any holes are covered up it is up to the programmer to do it.

When you are talking about the mobile version of your digital presence then it gets a lot less complicated. If you are going with a native version of a mobile app and you choose the two most popular platforms, Android and IPhone, then you really only have two choices. These two choices are Java and Objective C. While there are other languages that people use to create native mobile apps, you will find that 99% of the developers out there use
these two. You can also use the web to create a mobile app but then you are going right back to the rules that we talked about earlier in the article.

While it is good to review the positive and negatives on the language in which your digital platform is going to be created do not be fooled by misinformed developers. It is their job to provide safety and if that fails it is not the fault of the language that they are using.

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