The Importance Of Being Backed Up

You’ve all heard of the importance of backing up your important data on a regular basis but how often do you actually do so? For most of you I bet the answer is not nearly often enough.

Just because your hardware is all relatively new it doesn’t mean you can become complacent – hardware failure does happen – and sometimes quite comprehensively at that!

Fortunately I learned the lesson a few years ago – I lost an aging hard drive which had all my website backups on. No problem thought I, my web host also keeps copies. Alas, however, they picked that very same weekend to have a total failure on their hard disk array. Combined, that cost me almost two years of work on this very web site.

Not good. But not too likely to happen again huh?

Well, I learned the lesson and invested in an external hard drive so that there would be at least 2-3 copies of everything I deem important.

And how fortunate that was.


A couple of weeks back my motherboard failed. It then turned out that it also took the graphics card and hard drive with it. How thankful I am that I have that external drive sitting on my desk now. Anyways, thats 3 major components out of my PC destroyed in one day. Shit really does happen.


But if you think about that level of failure is unusual you’d be wrong. Since the turn of this year I’ve also lost all three of my monitors (my fault for buying Acer I guess, they truly are crap in my opinion). On top of that there was the laptop I dropped and the netbook that simply ceased to work. Thank god I have a disposable income of £18 a month to replace all that lot with. Oh hang on…

Anyways, I’m sure you get the picture – nothing is infallible. So what are you doing to backup your important information? Or are you just hoping this never happens to you??

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