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  1. OMG That was completely genius…

  2. Haha! Thats a super scam!! Lucky for all its not real..

  3. Ya know some people just don’t get it! I swear, it’s the lazy, negative, stupid people who can’t seem to grasp the beauty of this wonderful peer to peer sales paradigm. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not wonderfully successful for others. What’s more, this is a God given gift to those willing to go after their own success. Consider Mary Kay Cosmetics; here’s an opportunity just waiting to catch on fire with any women who’s ever had a dream about working at home while enjoying time with the kids. Face it, it’s a matter of allowing yourself to realize your own personal deserve level. Don’t you deserve success? Just ask yourself, are you ready for success? Are you ready to step into your very own business, where you’re the boss? Can you see yourself earning an executive income for working only a few hours per week? Yes, it’s true!!! And all this for only the cost of a $100 starter kit!!!! What’s holding you back!?!?! You’ll own your own company which distributes the best selling brand in the world!!!!! Women wash this stuff off their faces every day!!! You buy it and sell it at twice your cost!! How can you help but make tons of money!!!! What are you waiting for? Get to NOW!!!

    OH, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!


  4. Caustic Annie says:

    Judging by your childish drawing I woul say you aldo lack the intelligence to understand network marketing.

  5. Mike Wilkins says:

    I almost spat my coffee out when I saw this. Great parody.

  6. The author of this post obviously has no idea how network marketing works and should keep his infant drawings to himself.

    • Actually, I’m gonna find an infant to do the drawings next time (they can’t do any worse than me 😀 )

    • You’re right Harold only the top 1% of these money rings really knows how it works. 🙂

      I thought the drawings weren’t that bad but the handwriting makes mine look neat and that’s saying something.

  7. Judging by a few of the responses here I think you may have touched a nerve Scam. The truth hurts sometimes 🙂

    • Have you noticed though that they arn’t picking holes in the content of the (poorly) drawn pictures and that they have to resort to attacking my (lack of) artistic skill?


  8. You need to work on your drawing skills as that is really quite poor.

  9. People who work hard make money in mlm. The failure rate is down to laziness amongst the get rich easy crowd.

  10. Scott Joes says:

    My 8yr old can draw better pictures than that. Get some education.

  11. Damn, its copyrighted. I wanted to print this off to show to the fool who keeps trying to get me join some dumb scheme or other.

    • Well, as it’s for a good cause.. email me through the contact form and I may just give you permission to use it 😉

  12. Awesome man, just awesome.

  13. Surely the last one should be ‘sell soul to the devil’. oh well, close enough I guess.

  14. Some people will never learn how to set their minds free from the shackles of the 9 to 5. Work for someone else all your life while I rake in the bucks fools.

  15. Oh my this is too funny! And sadly too true…

    • Hmmmm, which Jay is which???

      • You can’t tell by the avatar? I’d post my pic but like I’ve said before I don’t want to scare people off 🙂

        • I can’t remember everybody’s pic Jay!

          (There must be a few hundred different ones on here and the ones before the database crash last year are all the same too, just to confuse things even further!)

  16. Pictures needed to be a bit bigger as it was hard to read at first. Very good though and very true too.

  17. M Wilkins says:

    Brilliant. Love it.

  18. Seriously, people need to watch out for mlm sharks during the credit crunch because they will prey on money and job fears.

  19. did your kid draw that?

  20. Share the cash equally : $45/$5 ha ha

  21. A flower that can cure cancer. LOL.

  22. Oh my god that is funny.


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