The Human Dog

Is it possible that a human could breed with a dog?

And if it is, why, oh why, would they want to? (Please – no bestiality comments – and, yes, that does mean you Col!)

The following picture I received by email is, if true, quite disturbing –

Could this be the offspring of a very disturbed man, or is it new evidence of human / dog hybrid cloning techniques?

Personally, I rather hope that this is a hoax, but what do you think?

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  1. Which email

  2. WOW! that was the wildest guess i have ever made!
    thought ppl will actually laugh at it

    • That was the quickest reply too – I thought the email I got was for the previous one!

      Hey, I guess maybe you are a little bit clever after all?

  3. Dionne Collins says:

    Glad to see you back again. Will you be doing any more of those quizzes like you used to?

    • Hi Dionne, good to see you too.

      I’m sure I probably will do in the very near future, just as soon as I have got back into the swing of things here.

  4. Then it is more likely that the poor pregnant lady was bit by a rabid dog

  5. Yet another photoshop hoax. It is isn’t it?

  6. Um, erm, hmmm.

    Guess I’ll keep my mouth shut then 😀

  7. I dont know what that is but it sure looks sick.

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