The Great British Wheelie Bin Scam

What is the UK coming to?

In the past, all household waste was collected at the same time, once per week.

Now, however, the Local Authority have a new plan –

Instead of putting all my waste outside my house in mixed bags I have to segregate it into general rubbish and recyclable materials. That’s fair enough, I’m all for recycling as it makes good sense for the environment.



However, I now have to place the two different types of rubbish into two different wheelie bins. Though the council haven’t confirmed as much yet, it would seem that the consequences of overfilling a wheelie bin are quite severe.

Not a problem for me, perhaps, as I don’t generate too much rubbish in a week.

Oh, but wait a minute, what’s this?

What A Load Of Rubbish

The local authority have now declared that they are ceasing weekly collections. Instead, they will come round fortnightly.

There are also strong rumours abound that if your wheelie bin is too heavy to be pulled by one finger then the council will refuse to empty it. Hmmm… I thought the guys who collected the rubbish round here were the strong manly types. Maybe I was wrong!

What’s the scam?

Well, I’m already paying for refuse collection through the council tax system.

Now it would seem that, despite council tax rising much quicker than the rate of inflation, I am to receive a much degraded service.

Not only that, but there is a real chance that my rubbish won’t be collected, or that I could be fined for not complying with the very strict rules and regulations.

Oh, and what happens to the recyclable waste?

Money, Money, Money

My guess is that the council sell it, thereby filling their coffers even further at my expense.

I’m of the opinion that this is another good example of where my country is heading – we have a government that is obsessed with micro-managing our lives and controlling us, all the while heaping further tax burdens upon us.

Of course, all politicians have the same paymasters so a general election (if EU law permits us to have another one) will make no difference whatsoever.


When will the people of Great Britain wake from their apathy and do something about this???

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