The Funeral Stripper

This story is another of those that sounds like a hoax but isn’t –

Cai Ruigong kept a promise to his dead father by hiring a stripper for his funeral.


According to Taiwan’s United Daily News Cai Jinlai, who had a fondness for strip clubs, was promised a stripper for his funeral if reached the age of 100.

Naturally, then, when he died at the age of 103, his son Cai Ruigong fulfilled his father’s wishes.

Ruigong told the newspaper that his father would ‘travel around the island with his friends to see these [strip] shows’.

Cai Ruigong paid the stripper more than NZ$210 in return for a 10 minute performance around the coffin.

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  1. Dionne Collins says:

    If you hadnt have already said so then I would have guessed that this one was a hoax.

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