The Exploiting Of Old Software

In the world of technology people are used to the latest fads being the big news around town. And we have trained people who are on the outside of the tech world but who still use the products to be the same way. They are now conditioned to want the latest and greatest device no matter if they need the new features or not. And this conditioning has been happening for a long time now so there is no telling if it is ever going to stop. Even during the bad economy that has been going on for the past couple of years, people are still buying the latest and greatest devices.


But while people are fanatical when it comes to getting the latest hardware, they are not the same when it comes to getting the latest software. For some reason, even though it is easier to update, people take their time when they are updating their software. And it doesn’t matter whether the update is free or not. They do not want the chance that something will happen to their computer during the update so they rather leave well enough alone. But thinking like this can be very problematic.

Most of the attacks that we see on the web could have been prevented if people just updated the old version of their software. People are comfortable with the old version of the software on their computer so they do not bother when it comes to updating. Even if the update is just a security update and it is not going to change anything in the software people will still not update their computer. People who find holes in systems know this and they take advantage of this fact. Old software is a problem and until people get used to updating their systems on a regular basis it is not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

The first thing that software providers can do to try and change this type of mentality is to make security releases different than normal updates. If the people know that the update is not going to affect the program then they will have less of a problem going through the process. Also, try to set your software to auto update whenever you can.

When people learn how to make sure that everything is updated in their system, you would see soon after that the problem of malware slowly drip away.

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