The EU Security Blogger Awards 2015

After leaving BSidesLondon I walked back to Olympia for the EU Security Blogger Awards, keen to see whether the Naked Security blog would win one or both of the categories it was nominated in.

I was also feeling really excited for some of my friends who were nominated in other categories – I had high hopes they’d scoop at least a few awards between them.

Host Unknown

Before the formalities began there was an opportunity to grab a drink (the cider was well nice) and catch up with a few people I’d not previously had a chance to speak to over the previous couple of days, including Mo Amin, Quentyn Taylor and the Host Unknown gang (above)… I’m still not certain the two chaps with Thom are the real deal though.


Anyways, the announcements began and the first award went to Chris and Jovi from Malwarebytes.

A short while later Chet and Paul duly bagged the award for Best Security Podcast (well done guys) and Javvad picked up his first award.

Then… we came to the Best Personal Security Blog and Best European Personal Security Blogs which, we were informed, were to be presented to the same person.

Historically, this is Thom Langford territory but I had my fingers crossed for Sarah Clarke who I thought was nailed on for one or both. But then I heard the word “he” and realised Thom must once again be a worthy winner.

But wait….

Someone had tinkered with the script (what do you expect in a room full of security pros) and Thom wasn’t the winner… it was ME!!!

Blogger awards

Yes, it was me.

I have to say that twice because I still don’t believe it.

Not only that but the next few minutes were a complete blur that I now cannot recall (yes, I really was that shocked).

I remember giving a speech, speaking too fast and more than likely saying, well, I don’t know what I said to be honest.

I know I didn’t thank anyone, or at least I don’t think I did, and I’m wary of doing so now because I’ll likely leave someone out, yet I still feel compelled to mention Anna and the team at Sophos, Brian, Neira, Raj and… I could go on and on and on.

Lee was quite pleased

So I’ll just say thank you to everyone who nominated me, voted for me, has ever supported me publicly (or behind the scenes) and then finish off by echoing the title Paul Ducklin gave to an email he sent me last night – “Lee was quite pleased” (yeah, that’s one hell of an understatement!!!)


I’m still on cloud 9 and I didn’t sleep at all last night (I’m paying for it with a major headache right now… sorry I didn’t make it back in to see you today Raj).

But that’s enough about me – Jav won another award, Graham Cluley picked one up (well deserved) and Sophos won the Grand Prix Prize for the Best Overall Security Blog, giving our editor-in-chief Anna Brading the opportunity to grab some of the limelight she so rightfully deserves.

As I said on Twitter late last night – what a day!

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