The Encryption In Your Wireless Network Is Very Important

When you are talking about the security of the internet most of the time you are talking about some form of encryption. Even if you are not talking about an encryption technique right at that moment, somewhere down the line you will. When it comes to the internet, encryption is the number one technique to keeping everyone safe. You see it everywhere that you go and you might not even notice it.


When you are on your browser you will see it when you go to an important web site. When you see the little lock pop up on your browser that means you are logging on in a safe manner. When you are doing a bank transaction online then that means you are using some sort of SSL transfer which involves a heavy use of encryption. And when you are trying to keep a Microsoft Word document safe and you request to use a password, you are also then using a weak form of encryption.

Encryption is a very old form of safety that has really been put to use in the internet age. Back in the day when there was any type of war going on, encryption was used to send messages back and forth to each other. Except the difference was that the encryption was not digital and instead it was words that were used to mean other words. And now that it has been brought into the modern age, it is even more successful than before. With computers you are able to create encryptions so powerful that it would take hundreds of years to break. This is true at least with the technology that we have right now. So as you can see, encryption is a very useful technology and it can really help you out a lot.

That is why you should be using encryption techniques when it comes to your wireless network at home. Just like encryption keeps the military safe when they need it, it can keep you safe as well. But it cannot do that if you are not using it. And that is why you need to make sure that you are using it starting today.

When we are talking about encryption on your home network we are talking about setting up WEP, WPA, or WPA2. These are the types that you will see most often when you go to set up your encryption settings in the network. While all of them are better than nothing, you really want to try and avoid WEP if you can. It is easy to get pass and can truly be a security weakness. While like we said it is better than nothing, it is still one that you want to avoid if you can.

The types that you should use are either WPA or WPA 2. And if you can, try your best to use WPA 2. WPA can also be passed by it is a lot harder to do so than it is with WEP. So if you want to make sure that you are truly safe then you should go with WPA2. If you are using an older WIFI card then you might be forced to use a lesser encryption. While that it is not idea it is still better than nothing.

You should be sure that you are as safe as you can be by using some sort of encryption with your wireless network. If you do not then you are just leaving an open door to strangers to take over your system.

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