The Devil’s Guide To Modern Medicine

Marketing and selling pharmaceuticals is big business.

Very big business.

Is it no wonder then that the companies involved in this industry are forever trying to push their products and increase demand?



With the pharmacy related business being worth billions of dollars each year, would you find it surprising to realise that the drug companies have been forging profitable relationships with politicians and government for years?

In America, George W Bush and his Administration signed on the dotted line for over-priced medications and then made it illegal for government to enter into negotiations that could lower those prices.

Former Senator, John Edwards, is calling for reform in the health care arena, but his proposal is somewhat worrying.

Edwards is proposing that all Americans should be forced into visiting their doctor on a regular basis.

Furthermore, he proposes that it if even the slightest sign of cancer is detected then treatment via chemotherapy drugs should be mandatory.



Considering the recent concerns over the nation’s health, one may ask why large corporations are allowed to continue to market, advertise and pedal a lifestyle that is the complete antithesis of modern healthy living?

TV dinners and other junk food are socially acceptable in a world of couch-sitting television zombies, even though we know that regular exercise and a balanced diet are the foundations of a healthy life.

Is it just me, or do you think that the media promotes such a lifestyle, hand in hand with adverts that offer a pharmaceutical cure?


If you are a regular reader, or have explored this blog in any detail, then you will know that I call Kevin Trudeau a fraud for his ‘alternative medicine’ theories.

You will also know that I am not a fan of multi level marketing and some of the health claims associated with the products such a method helps to sell.

What if they are right though?

In ancient times the only cures were natural ones.

Did we have health crises thousands of years ago that can compare with the magnitude of problems we see in modern society or is it possible that modern pharmaceutical cures are as much a cause as a solution?


How many people do you know that take medicinal products daily in order to regulate their lives?

I would guess it is probably a high number, a number that is continually growing as the prescription drug-taking culture gains momentum through the popular press.

Is the world turning into a planet of prescribed drug addicts because we need these chemicals in our bodies in order to function and survive?

Or, perhaps, it is because modern medicine is so advanced that more accurate diagnosis is possible, along with a pharmaceutical solution?

Alternatively, the cynic may conclude that political donations from the pharma companies have put the politicians and doctors into their pockets, making them their puppets and therefore their salesmen.


If you have a problem that you cannot fix then you will almost certainly be willing to pay for someone else to hand you the solution on a plate.

After years of conditioning through the media, pharmaceuticals have been firmly implanted in your brain as being that solution, but what if that conditioning is wrong?

The following facts/opinions may help to put modern medical care into perspective –

  • Most diseases have had a natural cure since the beginnings of humankind’s tenure of this planet. Depression, heart disease and maybe even cancer can be prevented through proper diet, sleeping patterns and exercise. The reason why these ‘cures’ are not highlighted in the media is because no-one can make any money from them.
  • Pharmaceutical products are rarely, if ever, designed to cure anything. Their purpose is simply to manage symptoms. However, no drug can be taken without side effects, whether they be physical or psychological.
  • Few drugs have any great scientifically proven benefits. Instead, they are promoted by politicians, businessmen and doctors who have a vested interest in the profits they can bring.
  • Within the healthcare industry there is no motivation to cure anyone. A patient that is healthy represents a loss of revenue.
  • Prevention may lead to cause. In other word, a lot of preventative medicine is in fact a means for healthcare professionals to build up a list of prospective clients. By presenting a problem they are then ideally placed to offer their own services and drugs as the ideal cure.
  • Natural cures are scoffed at so much that most doctors do not have any formal training whatsoever in natural remedies, meaning they have no real option other than to prescribe the synthetic drugs that their governing bodies suggest.


Modern medicine, both in terms of cure and prevention, is big business.

As a result, it may have been hijacked by politicians, businessmen and medical personnel in order that they can make money.

A lot of money.

I’ve never been much of a believer in natural cures but I do find myself wondering more and more these days.

Sure, humans had a shorter lifespan in yesteryear but was that because they didn’t have access to all the drugs that we have today, or was it simply because they didn’t understand the basics of healthy eating, regular exercise and good sanitation?

I’ve always wondered, for example, what cancer statistics would have been like a thousand years ago when we didn’t pollute the air and cigarettes were still a far away curse?

Cancer, of course, could not have been fully understood or diagnosed back then but I would still bet that it would have been negligible or non-existent before modern man started creating chemical cures to all our problems.

Next time you are ill, what are you going to do to make yourself better?

Taking a pill sure is easy…..

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    Thanks for sharing such an inciteful article, maybe big business has hijacked the wellness of the people huh?


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